A Few Useful Tips for Fishing

There are lots of great tips for fishing: one is to use salmon eggs as bait for trout.

Don’t fish with the sun at your back–it casts your shadow across the water and scares the fish away.

If you are fishing with lures, use dark ones on overcast days and bright ones on sunny days.

Be quiet when you fish. Even try to cast into the water as silently as possible.

Perch will go after soft plastic baits in the summer.

Always make sure to throw a pair of pliers and a knife into your tackle box.

When fishing for trout, cast upstream and let the water carry your line downstream.

Winter is a good time to go through your tackle box and clean lures and discard broken tackle.

Wear polarized sunglasses when fishing to protect your eyes from the sun’s reflection on the water.

Kayak fishing allows you to go places larger boats cannot enter.

Chicken livers are good bait for catfish.

Use small hooks for small fish.

When taking kids fishing, always make it fun for them, or they won’t want continue.

If you are ice fishing in the winter, be sure to dress appropriately in layers.

Fish bite better on overcast days.

Chain pickerel like to hide out under cover so look for them under rocks and other structures.

If you are fishing with minnows, hook them in the tail for the most bites.

After a day of fishing, always check the end of your line for nicks and fraying. You don’t want it to break the next time out.

One of the best tips for fishing and catching brook trout is to head for the coolest waters.

In the summer heat, look for bass under cover and in the shade.

When flounder fishing, use shrimp as bait.

Trout love to chase silver spinners.

Circular hooks work really well when trying to land the largest fish.

Among the best tips for fishing is to practice casting. The further you can get the line out there, the more water it will cover, and the greater your chance of catching a fish.

Make sure to keep your hooks sharp. A dull hook is not going to catch a fish.

If you want to really improve your fishing, one of the wisest tips for fishing is to keep a journal. If you can keep track of what bait you used, where you fished, the weather, and what you caught, it will help figure out what works and doesn’t work a lot faster.

Perch can be found around piers and boat docks.

If your kids are having trouble using a spinning reel, let them use a spin-cast reel. It is less apt to get tangled and will make the day more enjoyable.

When you go fishing for a day, take along an ice cooler to preserve the fish for a longer period of time.

Don’t put so much bait on your hook that a fish can nibble it off and never get caught.

The best times to fish for trout are mornings and evenings.

When fishing in the spring if runoff is still high, make sure to use a sinker that will get your bait down to where the fish are.

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