Florida Fishing Lakes

Fishing Experience in Polk County

When visiting an Orange Park dentist we stumbled on this spot… You cannot pride yourself to have fished if you have visited the fishing lakes in the state of Florida, which is branded the “Fishing Capital of the World”. Central Florida is surrounded by fantastic fresh water lakes more so in the Polk County location. Having more than 550 lakes, this location in Florida is considered to be the capital of fresh water fishing. Polk County is an excellent fishing destination all year long, because of its warm temperatures and abundant sunshine. The location is good for aggressive fishing lovers and those who love setting huge targets of yield for themselves.

People who are enthusiastic about fishing are mostly drawn to the Polk County because of the diversity of the fresh water lakes. The numerous species of fish attract them to visit more and more, so as to explore new species that they have not come across. Because of this, when you explore fishing in this location, you are assured of both excellent quality and quantity. The above reasons are a clear explanation for Polk County’s worldwide recognition.

We even brought our dentist on the trip!

The largemouth bass

One of the most popular game fish that most fish hunters look for is the largemouth bass. The largemouth is a freshwater fish and found in plenty in Polk County. The warm temperatures at the Polk County allow the largemouth fish to grow to bigger sizes. It is also the major contributing factor to the abundance of the largemouth fish in the lakes. This has made the Polk County hold a state record for containing the large mouth fish in abundance.

Other fish species

Aside from the popular largemouth game fish, there are other species of fish that are located in Polk County lakes. The county lakes produce high quality species of fish such as the catfish, tilapia, bream, sunshine bass, chain pickerel, bluegill and the crappie fish among others. The ranking of the country lakes show that up to 10 lakes are top in producing the bream and crappie species of fish.

It is important to note that the various species of fish have their different times of the year when they are most active. So if you engage in fishing throughout the year then you should find a suitable fishing pattern to go by. Also engage yourself in the various fishing techniques, that various depending on the type of fish and time of the year. This way, you will be able to keep a consistent yield each time you go for that fishing adventure.

Polk County has amazing fish camps just for you, most of which are located at the shores of the lakes. The access to the waters is direct thanks to the over 115 ramps that are available, alongside guide services. Don’t miss out!

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